La Guerre de Troie nŽaura pas lieu !
  The 1st patchwork-programm I got was EQ3 in March 98. Well I did some beautiful things with it, but one thing was impossible: to draw a twisted log-cabin. I tried during hours with no success.
  So when I got EQ4 in April Ž99, I worked all the books and then scanned a paper-pieces drawing I had and started to make it. And it worked. It was so thrilling that I take the next challenge: a triangle and not a square!

Many, many hours I worked on that project and had trouble with Pythagoras and his geometry. A friendly lady on a list could help me, and then I finished that file.

  The title is also a joke : (Troie=Troie=three=triangle=EQ3 ...), so the war of 3 will not take place.

Yes I agree I have a very curious mind!

  La Guerre de Troie nŽaura pas lieu !


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