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See the exercise made with the online group Patchart: here.
Explanations in French only.
I took printed silk paper (the paper like the one in shoes´boxes) and i bonded it to black industrial felt. Then I free machine stitched the surface and added some treasure paste in gold color. The box was stitched with the sewingmachine, then i hand stitched some beads.







A friend, Gretel Heilemann, made me a great, great surprise. During a visit in her wonderful home she told me that she already did some postcard-boxes, following the instructions mentioned in the book. 
(Reference: click here/book only available in German).
Please note:  i am really just a co-author, and have no further commercial interests in the sales of this book.

Gretel cut the felt following the indications concerning the size.

Gretel ironed some Angelina fibers onto bondaweb (vliesofix), then she ironed the new fabric very carefully onto organza fabrics.
She bonded the felt with a hot air gun, machine stitched it and at least
beaded it.

Gretel Heilemann:


I think that the result is incredebly interesting, there is -in the book- absolutely no mention about the materials I took to realize my own box. 
Gretel has an extraordinary sense of beauty and knows her mix-media equipment on her finger tips. She really made a wonderful box, very similar to mine. I was so surprised and happy to see what she did.


If you have created art work inspired from my modest part in the book "Textil-Karten", 
please let me know!
I would be really happy to see what you have done 
and may be to put other beautiful works on this site.
Thanks in advance.



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