In February 2000 I falled in love in a book :
URVES in MOTION from Judy DALES, book that I bought...
A week later I was working on a quilt with that book!
At first I drawed some quilts on EQ4, just to see "how it is" and also to get a right feeling to curves, as they were very new to me.
Then I decided to work on Corel Draw because I too appreciate that computer programm and it made me able to put some more information on the templates & drawing.

First_drawings Layout_on_Corel_Draw Sew_plan Another_EQ4_block_(without_curves)
Tries on EQ4/ first drawings Drawing on Corell Draw Templates on Corel Draw Other tries on EQ4 / without curves / block  only
I followed the instructions of Judy Dales, most of them were very familar to me because I worked on a very similar way for the quilt :
"Fenêtres d´Avenirs" with the help of the book :
Anyway with the print of the templates I decided to do 2 new things -new to me!- a) I print on cardboard so that my templates could resist better during the work, b) I taped some pages to each other to get an "artificial" banner. 2 little things that made me the life easier later on.
My batiks were sorted and hop hop I started the quilt. It was sewed within 10-12 days, the hand-quilting took a long, long time, and also to add the binding. Here under you can see some more details :
Détails Détails Détails

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