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Well in May ´99 my sister Sophie visited me. You should know Sophie from her quilt : Family´s Stories. As usual we drove to a quilt shop, where I found the book : WEDGE WORKS from Cheryl Phillips with Linda Pysto. Then I went to a big store and bought over 12 or 14 meters from men´s shirts fabrics. I did not know if I would be able to sew something like that and I wanted to have reasonable costs. You have to know that patchwork fabric is very, very expensive in Germany. This project was called : "Circles_Squares" because squares were made out of circles. It was quite easy and a lot of fun when I understood the technic. I had a big private motivation too. Some Friends wanted to get married soon. A quilt will be their wedding present and had to be about 230x230 cm to cover their bed. So it was quite difficult to photography this top in my appartment. The ceiling´s highness is about 240 cm, and the room ist not soooooo big. Well the picture is just bad and the colors wrong, but you can get an idea of it!
Time became slowly a big problem, the wedding should have been on the 1st of April 2000. I knew Simone STRUSS with her european long-arm-machine from a very friendly french patchwork list. So we emailed Simone and I and wrote about the details, about my wishes and so on. It was just a little bit strange to me, because I had no idea about the job this machine could do. Long-arm-machine-quilting ist not hand-quilting ! Simone had a very good idea and asked me to sew a separate extra block. I already had used my fabrics´rests to sew the sashing and with the rests of the rests I did an extra block ! So she had the possibility to test my wished design named "meandering".




Details_of_the_extra_block   Sample_block   Back_of_the_sample_block
Simone has a digital camera so I was able to see on my screeen within a few hours the good job she did on this extra block.   I was overwhelmed, it was exactly the design what I had expected, it was exactly the thread I had wished. On the circle the meandering is as twice as big as on the grey "square" pieces. So the central motiv is coming very, very well.   Here you can have a look at the backside of this extra block. A very good job. I actually take this sample-block to every Gild´s meeting I am going to in my region ! So the ladies can see what is long-arm-machine-quilting.



Simone_at_work My quilt "Quadratures" is yet under the long-arm-machine. Simone is working on it. She is always standing when working, the machine is very heavy and every single stich has to be done with a perfect control and speed. I wanted to get some pictures of her to show that on my site, because it is just incredible ! Simone_at_work
Better_view It may look very easy, but it is NOT easy. During the EQA-days in Strasbourg in April 2000 I had the opportunity to visit Simone and her quilting atelier. And it was so wonderful, because we were allowed to test the machine for a few minutes. I can tell you : this is NOT easy. For more information just visit Simone´s site. Here is the hyperlink on your right. Simone STRUSS


Quilt_on_the_long-arm Only after hours of machine-quilting, after hundreds of quilts it is possible to developp a great know-how. But you also need a very good feeling, you must feel the quilts. Simone STRUSS reached a top level within a few months, and this is just unbelievable. Quilt_on_the_long-arm
Quilt_on_the_long-arm I too am dreaming of such a machine ... but the price is very high and the machine needs a lot of room. And you also need a pretty good technical knowledge, years of patchwork, a very sure taste, and also a good physical condition to work on this fabulous machine. Quilt_is_long-arm-quilted_!
Simone STRUSS will get well-known more and more, because of her professional skills. French television made already 2 reports on her. In the n°1 of EURO-QUILT there was a long article about her. Sure it is only the beginning. I wish her a lot of success !!




Details   Finished_Quilt_235x235_cm
Here is a detail of the quilt. I hope to be able to show you soon better details of it ! The quilt had already some success in patchwork meetings. People were very enthusiastic about it. But I do not exactly know if they liked more my sew-skills or Simone´s ones ! Well the quilt is just a perfect unity, and would be half so beautiful without the long-arm-meandering made on it. And I am SO proud to have the first long-arm-quilted quilt in Germany !   This picture was taken from a balcony. It is really a very big piece and I would never be able to hand-quilt it in time. But the wedding still had not happened !!! Our friends are still not married, maybe this sommer 2000. The bride already knows : a quilt is waiting for them, but this quilt may go to exhibitions too ... Is it a real present to give something that may leave their home for a while ? I do not know ...


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