We are a very small group of german-speaking users of EQ4 (software from The Electric Quilt Company). As the English list does, we try to help each other and have fun. We also took the idea of a virtual Round Robin and built 2 groups of 5 people, a group with more advanced users, and a group of 5 ladies who were so new on EQ4 that is hard to believe they did such beautiful quilts.

Our first try had no difficult rules or themes, just to do have fun and to see what we could do.


Here are the results for you -if you wish you are able to download the zip-files :


~ Our "advanced" Group A ~



Marie-Josée Jost in Belgium


Catherine Pascal in Germany


Birgit Hübner in Germany


Lisa Werdel in Germany


Edith Bieri in Switzerland



~ Our "beginners" Group B ~



Birgit Fischer in Germany


Monika Harzman in Germany


Anja Nadig-Wangen in Germany


Angelika Kieser in Germany


Martina Vieregge in Germany



We all will be very pleased to hear of you if you are downloading one of our files, and hope that you enjoy this page. Those quilts and files are only for your personal use, they may not be reproduced without our expressive permission.

Copyright ´99

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