We are a small -but growing- group of German-speaking users of EQ4 (software from The Electric Quilt Company). Regurlarly we are organizing virtual Round Robins. This time Birgit (Huebner) organised this 3rd virtual Round-Robin and decided the central theme: Stars.

Because a comparison between the own taste and the group´s dynamic is very important, the participants decided to work on their own project too. So that you can see 2 different files, the file made by the Group, and the file made by the Owner.

It is really interesting. Hope you will enjoy those virtual quilts too.

If you wish to get a pj4-file please email directly the Owner and specify if you wish the Group´s or Owner´s File !


The Group :       The Owner :
The Group : Birgit   Birgit Hübner


  The Owner : Birgit
The Group : Lisa   Lisa Werdel


  The Owner : Lisa
The Group : Monika   Monika Harzman



  The Owner : Monika
The Group : Roswitha   Roswitha Meidl


  The Owner : Roswitha
The Group : Sabine   Sabine Lohse


  The Owner : Sabine


Those quilts and files are only for your personal use, please ask for them. They may not be reproduced without the Owner´s permission.

Thank your for visiting us.

Copyright 2000

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