We are a little -but growing- group of German-speaking users of EQ4 (patchwork software from The Electric Quilt Company). Regurlarly we are organizing virtual Round Robins. Harry POTTER is a very prominent person, and most german quilters read those magic books and are Harry-Potter-addicts!!!

Some quilters decided to create a real list with a real round robin ! We decided to make a virtual RR and to have a lot of fun too! As the 4th book came on the 14th of october in Germany, we decided to start the RR on the 14th too. So each of us prepared something for the group.

We decided to work a little differently, there are no different groups, everyone is working one time on each file. We are not obliged to add a whole or part of border, we can choose to add blocks, on one side only -if wished- or to put some appliqued pieces. 

As I am writing those lines 2 weeks before the start, I really have NO idea, how the things will go, and how magic the files will get. Hope you will enjoy them too.


Our group :
See_it_better_and_BIGGER_!   Brigitte OTTO
See_it_bigger_and_better_!!!!   Birgit FISCHER
See_it_better_and_BIGGER_!!!   Lisa WERDEL
See_it_bigger_AND_BETTER_!!!!   Sabine KÖRNER

See_it-better_see_it_bigger_!!!!   Anja NADIG-WANGEN
See_it_BIGGER_see_it_BETTER_!!!! Susanne TAUDTE
See_it_better_and_BIGGER_!!! Barbara STARK
See_it_bigger_and_better_!!! Catherine PASCAL


Those pictures are only for your personal use. They may not be reproduced without the Owner´s permission. 

Thank you for visiting us.

Copyright 2000 - The RR´s participants

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