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"Ruler" 2000


Well it started with measuring my own 9° ruler : 56 cm long and to take the brightest side : 10 cm. Please just measure again in inches on your own ruler (if you have one !), without seam allowance.


I decided to take 25 partitions of the ruler, and not as in the real plastic ruler 22 partitions, you may prefer to take 22 partitions of an inch each. It is better to take 22 partitions if you are thinking of sewing your project !!! So let me start again :


56 cm long / 10 cm high / 22 divisions horizontal / 4 divisions vertical

but please check it again, I am not good in mathematics !!!

EQ4 don´t allow me a block bigger than 48 cm, that is why I took the half : 28 cm long 5 cm high. Divisions are the same.



Right, then working in Patch-Draw I drew a horizontal line from the far left side to the far right of the space. Do not forget, the ruler is 9° ... so a mistake is to rotate that line to 9°, NO you need to rotate to 4.5°!!!



So please rotate the line to 4.5° and move the line to one upper corner. Make the line bigger, to do this a)duplicate the line b)put it along the 1st line and "touching" the frame. It is important not to change the 4.5° inclination of the original line. Make your line longer with the help of the duplicate. Delete the duplicate. Clone and flip the original line and then place it so the far left side attaches to the lower left corner. The right side will be attached above the 3rd horizontal section (from the bottom).



So now you have the shape of your ruler. But not the partitions in it.

It does not work just to trace vertical lines in order to "separate" the segments, they need to be individual patches or you will not be able to color them correctly and separately. Please convert all your lines into guides.


So you have something very clear and precise, choose the tool: rectangles. And draw the 22 rectangles you will need. Use the magnifier and start at one end to transform the rectangle into a polygon of the size shown from your guides+divisions. Do not forget to save when you are satisfied with your work.


Next start a new quilt and choose country-set, go to the 2nd layer as usual. Draw some "rulers". You will need a total of forty, but just start with 10 pieces. That is enough.

As Country-Set is changing its size from the left/upper corner, start with your "ruler"-block in the left/upper corner. Choose the right size (I took the "normal" size of 56x10 cm), and rotate each "ruler" -block by 9 degrees - 9/18/27, etc.


Just continue tracing, rotating (only number entries!!!) and placing your blocks, then have fun and color your beautiful quilt. I would be happy to get some *.pj4 files if your are doing some beauties.

Copyright 2000 - Catherine Pascal -

A big Thank You to Suzanne L. Sanger for her help.



This is the classical way, with a lot of nodes in Easy Draw. On Thursday 23rd February I got a mail from

Brigitte Otto,

she just did it, here are her explanations, here is her mail, here are her beautiful quilts:

Hi Catherine,

this lesson and the design is quite something. When I worked on it (lazyness is one of my prominent abilities) I wondered, if there is another possibility to do it and I found one.

How do you like this one almost without any mathematics: Take a square Easy Draw Block, draw a quarter circle starting from the right upper corner to the bottom left. Draw another circle in the right bottom corner, let's say from the third square to the other side.

Partition both circles into ten (90° divided by ten is 9°).

Connect every node from the big quarter circle to the small one with a straight line, the nodes at the end of the block have to be connected, too,  even if you usually don't have to draw a line on the outside of an Easy Draw block.

Partition every line into 20 (that's the most the tool allows you, I didn't test what happens, if you take less and make then the half or the third of it, maybe you could partition 8 and then make the third of every piece of the line, that would give you 24 parts).

After you have done that, you connect the nodes on the straigth lines.

In the end you have a quarter of your 9° quilt. Choose horizontal layout and 2 blocks horizontal, 2 vertical. Set your blocks, turn them around until the fit and you can start colouring the quilt.

To show what I tried to explain I add the file which is no piece of art I just wanted to figure it out.

Grüsse Brigitte Otto



There is one really funny thing, I am lefthanded... my spiral is "running" in watch-direction ... Brigitte is certainly righthanded, her spirals are "running" against the watch-direction. ROTFLOL. I am so happy that my quilt gave some new impulses to other EQ4-addicts, and I am really proud to show the work of Brigitte or other ladies. Send me the files!

As usual we can see, there is never only 1 possibility to do something... thank you so much to Brigitte for sharing with us.


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